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Classic Ghost Story Teaching Pack

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A man was standing by the red light near the tunnel. ‘‘Look out!" he was calling.
Is there really a ghost on that lonely railway line?
What is he trying to tell the signalman?
And why does his hand cover his face?

A strange tale of grave robbing and murder in 1820s Edinburgh.
Based on true story of Burke & Hare.

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Why do the locals fear two marble statues in a country church?
Classic horror story from the writer of 'The Railway Children'.

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The Classic Victorian Ghost Stories Teaching Pack (£2.99/$4.50)

Level: Intermediate Upper Intermediate/Advanced (Lawyer & Ghost)
Age: Too scary for very young children!
Contents: Four classic ghost stories retold by 'one of the best writers of language learner materials in English': The Signalman by Charles Dickens * The Body Snatcher by Robert Louis Stevenson * The Marble Finger by Edith Nesbit (adapted from Man-Made-in-Marble) * The Lawyer & the Ghost by Charles Dickens (adapted from The Pickwick Papers)
Learning Activities: Worksheets, comprehension exercises, vocabulary building exercises, quizzes, games etc (interactive & for traditional printing)
Language/Grading: Texts capture the spirit of the original stories but with a simplified grammar, sentence structure and syntax.
Extension materials: Two audio features on the source material for The Body Snatcher (Burke and Hare) and The Signalman (The Staplehurst Rail Disaster). Working with original texts also available for more advanced readers.
Who produces the materials for the teaching packs?
ELT author
Kieran McGovern.
Can I print the reading materials & worksheets?
Yes. Most are available in print friendly formats (PDFs & .docs). Care has been taken to minimise the number of pages used in worksheets etc
Why the low prices?
Because no physical book is involved overheads are low. All it takes is an enormous amount of work!
The teaching packs
allow access to high quality educational materials to those on restricted budgets.
How do I use the audio?
Because embedded audio files often have problems, there are alternative forms of access. You have direct access to the mp3 files but can also play them online.
How can I help?
If you like these materials, please spread the word via Twitter @eslreading, Facebook etc.
I want to buy - but don't use Facebook
Please email me to let me know. I want to provide alternative forms of distribution but need to know demand

Classic Ghost Stories Teaching Pack

CEF English language level: B2